Friday, March 7, 2008

Undecided in 2008? Vote Harvey Dent...

Looks like Warner Brothers' viral marketing machine for "The Dark Knight" is back in affect following a respectful pause in light of the late Heath Ledger. With the blessing of Ledger's family who released a statement asking WB to continue it's marketing efforts for the "Batman Begins" sequel in full force, continuing what has to be to the most creative film marketing campaign ever. The trades are assuming that this is a campaign to release the new trailer for the film.

Earlier today, fans started getting vote soliciting calls on their cell phones and emails, only they weren't from Barack Obama or Hillary, they were from Harvey Dent, the future District Attorney of Gotham City whose schizophrenia tragically turns into the villain Two Face (LOL). The call leads you to a campaign site that provides bumper stickers, signs and more that the masterminds behind the viral stunt hope you will print out and photograph yourself with in public. I believe in Harvey Dent, do you? Click the link below to experience some of good clean nerdy fun:

** UPDATE - Checkout this submission by a genius mystery contributor *wink*wink*

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