Monday, March 10, 2008

GenArt's "New Garde" '08 - "Fashion" Week LA

So, LA "Fashion" Week is upon us again- Fashion being a loose term in LA for sure. That said, the FoundTrack team was pleasantly surprised by what we saw at Gen Art's kickoff event for the week, "New Garde." The show is unique in that it's more of an interactive showcase than a runway event. This year the event celebrated it's 5th anniversary and featured designs by JMary, Jesse Kamm and Le Sang Des Betes by Tang Chau.

The fashion pieces were surprisingly cool- Especially the Les Sang des Betes pieces (both from a design and presentation standpoint). As for the crowd in attendance, they were totally diverse and definitely had some unique looks going on- from super caliente to savagely awesome, with just a few random folks that fell into the scary category.

Siku Vokda (which seems to be making a huge marketing blitz right now a la Svedka), Sake2me, and Domaine St Michelle were on hand hosting the bar, and get this- how much more LA can you get?... BOTOX was one of the main sponsors! LOL! Funny enough, they had this fun little installation with girls holding clear umbrellas taking showers. This red blooded LA guy isn't gonna complain about that...

Thanks to FoundTrack Friends and Fashionistas Sara and Tara, and the Good Doctor O for checkin' this out with Your's Truly. More photos from the night in the slideshow:

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