Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Outside/Inside Art Show @ Carmichael Gallery

The Carmichael Gallery in West Hollywood is currently featuring a show called "Outside/Inside," that showcases several contemporary urban style artists, such as Rene Gagnon who we featured earlier. I (accompanied by Miss Vanessa from Ambrogi|Castanier Gallery) checked out the opening last weekend:

The show was pretty ill to say the least, and more so, the pieces were totally diverse due to the wide variety of artists featured. The piece on the American flag at the top of this post was my favorite for sure- it's entitled "Crime Scene" and is by UK artist Pam Glew. I wouldn't mind having the following pieces as well... they'd make an excellent edition to my nonexistent music studio:

Checkout the slideshow for more:

** The Outside/Inside show runs through March 8th at the Carmichael Gallery in West Hollywood, and FYI the works are surprisingly affordable. For all of you in the area, I definitely recommend stopping by- it only takes a few minutes to run through the whole thing, and you can do so while running other errands during the day.

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