Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Chan Marshall aka Cat Power- "A Fair and Honest Appraisal" by Gill Bumby

Each week our mysterious featured writer, Gill Bumby, provides You, our fair reader, with a "Fair and Honest" appraisal of a public figure. This week we present...

"'Lived in bars...danced on tables...'
I conferred with a friend before starting this appraisal and we both agreed that I would have to really extend myself if I wanted to find anything about you to pick on in this picture. Anyone that can turn a Chanel dress inside out with a body that's almost cartoonishly perfect and even make a piece of vintage furniture look sultry and seductive, deserves to start and stop a few songs here and there in the middle of her shows. You could have picked some more flattering jewelry, and possibly a different hair style. That bracelet and those bangs look a little affected to me, but I'm not trying to get caught up in the minutia of things. The bigger picture is stunning. I hear things are going well for you these days, and it shows. Here's to another great year, Chan.

*Sidenote: Please stop making records of cover songs. They really pale in comparison to your own jams."

Overall Rating...9.4

** WHO IS the mysterious and wise Gill Bumby ?! and WHAT is a "Fair and Honest Appraisal' ?! Find more info HERE

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