Friday, January 25, 2008

"Will Rise" Exhibition at Robert Berman Gallery

Earlier in the week I mentioned the Alex Steinweiss exhibition which is currently taking place at the Robert Berman Gallery. On the same night that that opening took place, the "Will Rise" exhibition opened, also at the Berman. The gallery features works from the Seventh Letter (T7L) Graffiti crew- more specifically, from the elite sub-crew, Angels Will Rise (AWR).

AWR are known as some of LA's most influential urban artists. To be completely honest, I didn't actually know that before writing this entry, and pretty much took it from the description on the gallery's webpage- What really drove this point home for me was the sheer turnout at the event. Everyone from Shepard Fairey to random 12 year old skater/graffiti/hiphop fanboys were on hand.

The show runs through February 12, 2008- it's a must-see for any fan of street art or design in general. Thanks to FoundTrack friend Marquis Lewis aka Retna (who is one of the featured artists) for the heads up on the event and opening. Checkout a few photos we snapped at the event:

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