Wednesday, August 13, 2008

FoundTrack's August '08 Compilation (Track 7/16) - Forest City Lovers - On the Basis

Forest City Lovers - On the Basis (Track 7/16)
Album - The Sun & the Wind (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Out of this Spark
Photo Taken By Joe Fuda

Forest City Lovers are a Toronto based band consisting of three friends, two rats, a rotating drummer, and eight arms. They play beautiful melodic indie-pop with swelling string arrangements to make your heart glad. The group is led by Kat Burns, playing the role of chief songwriter in addition to being a skillful animation artist. I can only assume that she's the mastermind behind FCL's fun interactive website, where you can purchase their first two flawless albums, becoming a permanent fixture in my car stereo. Something about this music makes me want to be outdoors. To get an idea of what' i'm saying, check out their home-made music videos including this one compiled from footage from their summer '08 tour through the western US and Canada.

Check out Kat's blog for some of her animation videos, commissioned album artwork, and other artistic ventures.

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