Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Gear for the Ladies from Obey and Giuseppe Zanotti

I figured it's been a while since we featured any cool fashion pieces for the fairer sex, so here we go. The jacket above is part of a new collaboration between Shepard Fairey's Obey, and hip hop legends, Public Enemy. I'm a big fan of industrial/tech looking fashion and I like how the jacket is pretty tailored and form fitting. You can checkout the rest of the women's AND men's collections over at Karma Loop.

Next up are these seriously crazy shoes/boots from Giuseppe Zanotti. Not sure if any of you girls would actually wear them or not, but at lease from a design standpoint, they're pretty cool. If the patent leather wasn't enough on it's own, the designer threw in some totally contrasting but rad shiny disco ball heels. Would any of you chicas out there actually wear these things, or am I just nuts? Available at Net-a-porter.

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