Friday, August 29, 2008

Married to the MOB Fall/Winter 2008 Collection - Fresh Threads for the Girls

The badass ladies of Married to the MOB (Most Official Bitches) are back with some new fashion hotness as they present their Fall/Winter 2008 collection. Their Summer '08 collection was sick and it looks like the new collection follows suit. I love their raw energy and attitudey brand identity and bold slogans... really sick stuff goin' on here for sure:

Sick design- check. Spunky brunette- check. Purple hoodie- check. Sign me up:

This chicita looks like she bites... watch out for her, people:

The white jeans are rad... who says you can't wear white after labor day?:

Nice composition and contrast on this shot- I love the detail on her jacket and the bold print on her tee:

** FoundTrack Friend Victor is friends with the Chica that runs "Cult of the Cultist," and awesome ladies's streetwear portal and online store... make sure to check it out for all newest pieces from M.O.B. and every other brand that matters!


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