Monday, August 4, 2008

New Streets Music Video - "The Escapist"

Mike Skinner aka British hip hop artist, The Streets, is back with a new single and music video called "The Escapist." It follows the lyricist/producer as he WALKS from London to Paris- apparently he ACTUALLY did this... at least that's the word coming from Stereogum and a few of the other blogs.

You can download the single for free at Skinner's MySpace page, and the video's available right here for your viewing pleasure:

** Learn more about The Streets at Wikipedia

Source- Stereogum

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  1. interesting concept, but for some reason i just cant get down with this track. i love his first 2 albums, and his last was not great, in my opinion. the weird island beat on this track just confuses me, and the 10th grade poetry going on over it confuses me even more. whats going on with skinner?