Friday, August 29, 2008

A scattershot of Sunset Junction Photos

These are a few days late I know, but regardless here are some obligatory Sunset Junction photos. Unfortunately you had to once again PAY to get in this year, which kinda sucks... the quality of the show hasn't seemed to go up at all from its good ol' days two years ago and back. Regardless $tyles G and I jived our way in and it was a good time of random fun. Here are a few random photos from the festive Sunday afternoon on Sunset:

Oh what I'd give to be 12 again and be able to ride carnival rides and chow down on snow cones:

One of the many local bands that was part of the $20 line up:

$tyles G and I snuck to the back area and saw where all the crazy Carnies hung out... it was nuts and you should expect nothing less of Carnies.

I don't know that much about bikes, but I do know the ones I like from a design standpoint when I see them- this one had a badass matte black on gloss paint job (it's a Harley Davidson V-twin / V-rod I think):

And finally, J Davey rockin' the house as always:

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