Wednesday, August 13, 2008

55DSL's Farewell Fiesta for the Junior Lucky Bastard

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FoundTrack's buddies over at 55DSL are hosting a little sendoff for the Junior Lucky Bastard (JLB) this Sunday at Barracuda on Melrose. Who is this "JLB" character you ask? Well basically it's some lucky schmuck/schmuckette that 55DSL pays to go around and do whatever the F they want to and then blog about it. Ahhhh what we the innocent public will accept as entertainment these days! You can follow the JLB's exploits on their blog.

Nonsensical (awesome?) jobs aside, the party should be wicked fun. Free Tacos, Free Beer, Photos by Rony, and more... See ya there bitchez? In the meanwhile checkout this little sizzle reel from one of 55DSL/Barracuda's last parties- It'll either make you full of glee and excitement or make you laugh at all the wacky characters... both of which are reasonable responses:

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