Monday, August 4, 2008

Seventh Letter Street Art Crew's tribute to Heath Ledger

By now, pretty much everyone and their mother (even mine, and she usually hates action movies) has seen The Dark Knight. It's hard to argue that Heath Ledger's performance, and unfortunately his passing had something to do with the phenomenal level of awareness surrounding this film. While the film critics are singing their praises, the movie and Heath are also getting props from other types of folks, including artists.

Take for example LA's legendary Graffiti crew, Seventh Letter- You might remember them from their "modification" of the Murakami Billboard a few month's ago. The guys have posted a video of a little work they did to one of the many Dark Knight billboards around town... the footage is pretty sick to watch, and the little shout out to Heath at the end is especially dope:

Augor x Revok x The Dark Knight (video Logan x Keegan) from Meat Post on Vimeo.

A few other artists have been influenced by comic book characters, and Batman in particular. Checkout this piece by Anthony Lister (more on his work, at MyArtSpace):

And this piece by Alex Pardee (more on his work, at Juxtapoz) of the Dark Knight being tormented by his demons (ie his rogue's gallery):

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