Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Creative Showcase of Visual Artist Archan Nair

(1, 2, 3, Four, Five reprise)

FoundTrack Friend DJ Iceburrg turned me on to the awesome work of Indian visual artist Archan Nair. Nair who's based out of New Delhi is definitely one of many many talents. As can be seen by the selected works in this post, several mediums are utilized, including illustration and digital art. The end result is an amazing combination of color, graphic design aesthetics and a very modern take on pop art a la Murakami.

(Archan Nair for GQ Magazine)

Nair is the co-founder and creative lead at his own design and art agency, Cropped Circles where he's contributed work to clients such as Tiger Beer, Pepsi, GQ, and many others. His work is said to be inspired by several phases or specific moments in life. Take a look at these beautiful selections and in doing so we hope you become just as inspired as Nair. You can checkout the rest of Archan's portfolio at his personal creative showcase, "Archann" or by clicking on any of these images.

(Summer Blush)

DJ KnewJack's sure to dig this one- it shares the same name (almost) as one of his dopest mixtapes:


I'd be totally down to ride this space swingset:

And last but not least, our friend DJ Iceburrg's favorite piece... I'm totally loving this very original take on what has become a commonplace practice of mixing illustration over photography:

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