Saturday, January 17, 2009

Obama wants you to Vote for Amare in 2009

Recently, our good FoundTrack homies Sherwin Shilati and A-Rod produced a series of promotional viral videos for the Phoenix Suns star Amare Stoudamire featuring celebrity endorsements from Barack Obama, Shaq, Beyonce, Michael Jordan, and the late George Washington. The video introduces us to Amare's Yes-man, Jay “Super Fan” Johnson, whose mission is to get the most electric, prolific, and graceful power-forward in the NBA, cough cough...Mr. Amare Stoudemire, voted as the starting forward for the Western Conference in the 2009 NBA All-Star game held in Amare's homecourt in Phoenix! The video has already received over 100,000 hits on youtube and has been featured on national TV for TNT's halftime show, ESPN's NBA Coast to Coast/First Take, and this week it will be in the most recent issue of Sports Illustrated. The videos were shot using the highly coveted Red Cameras and feature music from our favorite beatmaker, Boy Genius (Toussaint Hunt of Bedtime for Toys). Last word was that Amare is only a few votes behind and voting closes on Monday so make sure and rock the vote for Amare in 2009 at, where you can also find the whole series. Here's one of the several videos featuring Amare's teammate Shaqovic.

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