Thursday, January 15, 2009

Planet Diesel crash lands on Manhattan's Fifth Ave (and so do a few Watches)

FoundTrack's Friends over at Diesel have a big surprise in store for NYC- The always cutting edge fashion brand (who's everyone knows best for cutting edge denim) is opening their fourth "Diesel Planet" sized store on the corner of famed Fifth avenue and 54th. The store is going to be pretty damn massive at 20,000 square feet and multiple floors.

As these renderings illustrate, a variety of materials will be used to create an "opposites attract" aesthetic. All of Diesel's signature and high end lines will be available for your hungry hands by Spring '09 if all goes to plan. Should be interesting to see what kind of tricks the new Diesel Planet location has up its sleeves to keep the space fresh as new season lines are released.

AND one last thing, while we're on the topic of Diesel and NYC, I recently got back from a hell of an amazing week in said city and took a visit to the SoHo store to pickup a pair of jeans. While I went in with the intention of on getting some denim, I ended up buying a badass watch instead. I've always been a fan of Diesel's watches for wicked casual wear- checkout these new digital offerings and enjoy...

This is what we all thought the future would look like in the 80s:

(Diesel DZ7092 w scrolling LED display)

Miami Vice couture anyone?:

(Dieel DZ7097 badass 80s I

And finally out of this bunch of three, this guy somehow stands out as the conservative gentleman in the bunch:

(Diesel DZ7099 Analog/Digital)

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