Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Big Picture: "Pico Pocket Projector" - A Movie Theater in the Palm of Your Hand

Looks like all you film and gadget buffs have a new toy to play with- The Pico Pocket Projector is the latest in high-tech gadgets and is sure to be the next big thing. The projector is small, light and most importantly mobile. When I say small, I really mean small. It's so small that you can actually carry it around in your pocket and they have priced it reasonably that it won't break your pocket - retails at $399. The maker of this nifty device is a London based company that designs and manufacturers projectors - Optoma. Optoma has outdone themselves with the Pico Pocket Projector. Not only has the company made the projector affordable & portable but they've also given it a new cool and fun image - check out their uber happy marketing pics below and you will see what I mean.

Look at all the fun these guys are having. Your local watering hole doesn't have a TV, that's not a problem anymore - hook up the pocket projector to your iPhone and watch the highlights of the game from

Ladies don't let the fellas have all the fun. These two are playfully rating these two Lads:

Here is a close-up on the Pico Pocket Projector:

The possibilities are pretty endless! Dinner and movie can now be anywhere - the park, the beach, your private little spot, literally anywhere. Want to see more - here is some video footage of this little baby in action! If you really want more, you can purchase one here - Amazon or Best Buy.

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