Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jini's Pick of the Week - The Double Club

Last night, I had the opportunity to check out the latest trendy bar/restaurant/disco/art installation in Angel, London called The Double Club. The Double Club opened on 21st Nov 2008 and as the press release states, it offers "a unique approach to entertainment and hospitality, as well as creating a dialogue between Congolese and Western contemporary music, lifestyle, arts and design". It is in fact a Carsten Holler art project sponsored by the Fondazione Prada, where 50% of the club's profits go to the City of Joy charity.

As can be seen in the plan above, it is split into three rooms: the disco, courtyard bar and restaurant. Definitely the most impressive is the courtyard bar which has this great feeling of being outside indoors. My only complaint was that it took almost an hour to try and get served at the bar after 9pm, as it was packed inside by this point, and a steadily growing queue building up outside. However, the atmosphere was genuinely a relaxed and friendly one.

The food was tasty and even though it doesn't seem like much my friend and I stuffed ourselves on goat and spicy shrimps with a lovely side order of plantains and white mushy paste (aka chikwangue). We were even tempted by the cook who was bbq-ing burgers and various skewers in the corner of the bar space well into the early hours of the morning - last orders 1am!

We ended the night in the dance space, watching a live set of Congolese singer Gordon Masiala and the DJ positioned in the centre of the room on the revolving circular dancefloor. Plenty of opportunity to see people let it all go and show off their crazy dance moves to the Congolese tunes.

The place has a fantastic feel to it, with a vibe that I could probably only create on holiday in a tropical destination. Definitely worth a visit because it's only going to be around for 6 months - eat some goat while you can!

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