Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jini's Pick of the Week - London Exhibitions

As Jini's Pick of the Week was off for Christmas last week, here's a double to make up for it. So, I've been in tourist mode this week, and been visiting exhibitions a plenty in good ol' london town and thought it would be culturally responsible of me to promote them to the rest of the world!

First up is the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit at the Natural History Museum. This annual competition finds the very best wildlife images taken by the world's top professional and amateur photographers. Check it out while you still can - the exhibition is on until April 26th 2009 and is also touring various cities around the world. If you can't make it to the exhibition, check out the winning photos online. Here are just a few of the amazing photos taken for this year's competition:

Polar bears fighting it out over a kill in Norway, a great story here....

An amazing use of lighting to highlight the outline of the polar bear.

A Southern Right Whale saying hello to a diver in New Zealand.

Taken from a plane over london's financial district.

Next up is the James Bond/Ian Fleming exhibition, For Your Eyes Only, at the Imperial War Museum. The exhibit focuses both on the life of Fleming and how his experiences influenced his novels, as well as some great memorabilia from the James Bond movies. This is a must for all Bond fans.

Highlights include the blood splattered shirt worn by Daniel Craig in Casino Royale

the lethal shoes worn by Rosa Klebb in From Russia With Love

and various props from the movies, like the autogyro from You Only Live Twice

Happy New Year - get out there and enjoy 2009!

More info on what to do in London: TimeOut

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