Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Gill Bumby featured on V Magazine.com !

FoundTrack's very good friend and international man of mystery Gill Bumby was just featured on the website of one of my favorite magazine's, V. For those of you who aren't familiar with Gill, he's basically a mysterious dude who wears a bandito mask. No one really knows who he is (think Banksy or Daft Punk) but that kinda helps with what he does. Mister Bumby attends events and using his typewriter, he and his female counterpart Jill Bumby proceed to write "Fair and Honest Appraisals of Your Appearance" for the people attending said event. While the idea tends to initially wig some people out, by the end of the night the line to get an appraisal goes out the door. The price is right (think a couple bucks a pop) and the results are almost pyschic and pretty much always positive in nature- Gill was nice enough to provide his services at one of our FoundTrack music compilation parties last year and people were going bananas for him. Bumby's based primarily out of NYC and mostly does art events but is available to travel to any type of event around the world. Checkout this example and read the full article from V Magazine, here:

Source - V Magazine

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