Monday, January 26, 2009

FoundTrack’s Winter ’09 Compilation (Track 4/22) - We Have Band - Oh!

We Have Band-Oh! (Track 4/22)
Album- “Oh!” Single (Purchase)
Label- 50 Bones ("Oh!" Single)/Kitsune (Maison 6 compilation)
Photo by Mikael Gregorsky

London’s We Have Band bring an unmistakably danceable vibe to FoundTrack’s Winter ’09 Compilation with their single “Oh!” featuring Thomas WP on Vocals/Guitar/Bass/Programming, Dede WP on Vocals/Percussion/Sampler, and Darren Bancroft on Vocals/Drums/Percussion/Sampler. We Have Band are another example of electro-masterminds emanating from overseas, and the track’s contagious call and response form, trippy ambiance, and echoing, ascending “Oh’s” produce an energizing mood ideal for a night out on the dance floor. Already subject to multiple remixes (Micachu Remix, Gentleman Driver, and Andrew “Friendly Fires” Remix), the original is still available for download on the FoundTrack compilation, so get grooving and get dancing. Additionally, We Have Band’s “Oh!” has an oh-so-appealing debut music video directed by Tom Ellis at Last Seagull

Relatively new on the UK scene, We Have Band have not released an official EP or album (there is a WHB Sampler floating about somewhere), but “Oh!” has been released as a single on the UK 50 cents label and placed on the hip Kitsune Maison 6 Compilation. The group is currently touring through Europe and will be hitting North America for SXSW in March (18th-22nd) before heading back to their home continent for the final dates in April. Meanwhile, we DO have We Have Band’s website, Myspace page, and iTunes downloads to enjoy.

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