Thursday, January 22, 2009

Burberry Prorsum 2009 Men's Collection

One of the most recognizable trademarks in high-end apparel is the black, white and red pattern known as The Burberry Check. It was first introduced as a lining to the brands trench coats back in the 1920's. Today the trademark has become a well-recognizable symbol across the globe that signifies luxury and exceptional quality. Burberry was been on top of their game for sometime and positioned themselves well in the endorsement world - Her Majesty Herself, Queen Elizabeth II and The Prince of Wales both granted the company Royal Warrants - talk about an endorsements!

English fashion designer Cristopher Bailey took over in 2001 as the Creative Director, giving the traditional luxury fashion house a series of new collections and product lines - Burberry Prorsum is one of the those lines. The 2009 Spring Collection pays homage to the Brands traditional roots with it's pinstripe trousers, tuxedo shirts and velvet suits yet Baily is able to create a renewed life through the use of rumpling & boiling techniques that give the line a "disheveled elegance."

Christopher Bailey in his own words, "I feel like it was a moment to go back to who we are, and to the real icons of the company. It feels like the right moment," Bailey said after the show.

Photographer Mario Testino and Burberry Creative Director Christopher Bailey:

Check out the piece around his neck. What is that you ask? That is a Cravat - similar to an Ascot, which I told you earlier was having a revival - is simply a fancy form of necktie worn in the late 18, early 1900's:

I am a fan of the clean straight lines of the Jacket and Trousers. The glimpse of the rumpled tuxedo shirt underneath does it for me. The Hat and gloves make the outfit fun and functional - keeping you warm in the winter. The splash of color with the scarf makes this one of my favorite ensembles:

The cravat strikes again!!! I'm telling ya - don't sleep on Ascots and Cravats - they are going to be the new accessory for today's modern gent. Let's give the traditional necktie a break gentlemen:

Source- WWD

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