Friday, February 8, 2008

Murakami Billboard- The best form of flattery is... Graffiti?


Went to checkout the Murakami Gallery at the MOCA last night- I'm surprised to say it totally lived up to the hype. I left feeling totally overstimulated by insane visuals. A few hours later I was talkin' to FoundGirl Jazzy and she gave me the heads up on this story.

As those of you in LA are well aware, they've really made a push to get everyone in the city aware of the Murakami exhibition. As one can expect, the bright magenta branding for the show has been featured on posters, billboards and more. LA Graffiti writers AUGER and REVOK from the AWR/MSK/Seventh Letter crews (some of whom are featured at the Will Rise gallery) decided they'd have their fun with one of them:


Pretty dope stuff if you ask me. I guess Takeshi Murakami himself must have agreed, because he had his people take the billboard down and ship it to him in Japan... crazy stuff. I highly recommend checking out the show before it closes this Monday, 2/11- Checkout this and other events on our weekly LA events calendar- F.I.L.A. (Found In LA)

Source: LA Weekly

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