Monday, November 17, 2008

We Are Good Friends' music video - Created by FT Friends Sherwin Shilati & Adam Hendricks

FoundTrack Friends Sherwin Shilati & Adam Hendricks (the Duo behind the hilarious independent short "I Kicked Luis Guzman in the Face") are back in action and have recently teamed up with the band "We Are Good Friends" to produce this very creative music video. The video showcases the band's song "Wishing (Well, Well, Well)"- Sherwin and Adam heard the band on LA's Indie 103.1 and contacted them with the idea... The rest is history. Just kidding. C'mon, NOTHING's ever that easy in production!

The duo rounded up the production designer from "Guzman," Megan Hutchison, and another FoundTrack Buddy, Cinematographer Michael Tedford (who just premiered his beautiful film "Maro" last week) to get the production rolling. The video was shot on a shoestring budget, and the team did all the editing and special effects themselves.

If you guys dig this song, you can checkout We are Good Friends' MySpace Page for more info on the musicians. In Adam's own words, "they're a bit like Modest Mouse and Architecture in Helsinki, with a bit of Neil Young" thrown in for good measure. For now, just relax and checkout this rad video:

"Wishing (Well, Well, Well)" by We Are Good Friends - Music Video from Adam Hendricks & Sherwin Shilati on Vimeo.

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