Monday, November 17, 2008

Aston Martin's Project One-77 - Quantum of Hotness...

Those of you that saw the new Bond movie last weekend got to see the gorgeous Aston Martin DBS in action during the opening scene. If you thought that car was amazing, just wait until you feast your eyes on this new brand new beauty- the Aston Martin Project One-77. The One-77 is an extremely limited edition automobile that is designed and hand built to spec, in a run of only 77 vehicles. Lead designer Marek Reichmann was asked to design THE ultimate Aston without limits or restraint. While the final design ended up looking quite modern, it is without a doubt a classic Aston Martin... Take for instance, the classic Aston grille:

While the car has the specs to back it's good looks (700 horsepower anyone?), raw power and stats have never been the primary concern of the brand. Rather, the true purpose of an Aston is to find balance between performance, luxury and design. Driving and owning one of these cars should be similar to being measured and wearing a bespoke suit. While it may sound like I'm kissing this car's ass, I must say I'm still not completely blind to its faults- I'm definitely not that impressed by the vehicle's side profile (but that can always change when you see a car in person):

All in all I'm hard pressed to think of a more stylish car brand on the market right now, and with the One-77, Aston is really positioning themselves to play with the big dogs- watch out Bugatti Veyron...

If you want to learn more about this piece of design hotness and meet some of the people behind it checkout this video- Be prepared though, it's pretty damn long:

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