Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Photos from the Presidential Victory Celebration in LA

So as you all know by now, we have a new President-Elect, a gentleman named Barack Obama. Last night was a historic evening, and crazy celebrations took place all over the country - the largest being in Obama's hometown of Chicago. In FoundTrack World Headquarters aka Los Angeles, a bash was hosted by Senator Feinstein and Mayor Villaragosa at the Century Plaza Hotel Ballroom in Century City. Nasty Nass, Myself and FoundTrack political correspondents Shevin (aka little V) and Sheueskee decided to head down to party central and check it out.

As we expected we were met by ridiculously large crowds trying to get in and Police barricades:

We decided that there was no way we were going to wait in a 2 hour line, so after some quick thinking on our parts, we decided to play up our media/"talent" persona:

After doing just enough jive talking (luckily not much) to get us in with Mischa Barton's entourage, it was on to the festivities, where somehow we managed to get ourselves VIP credentials:

The "VIP" Section complete with open bar:

The "VIP" portion of the event was a little on the low key side so we decided to go and be one with the people in the main Ballroom:

As we entered the main gala we were met by an expectedly huge media presence:

And luckily, we made it in right in time for Mayor Anthonio Villaraigosa's speech, which was actually quite awesome and moving:

Once the Mayor's speech was over and Obama's victory speech was broadcast, the real celebration began. Two gentlemen and artists that put in a lot of their personal time into this election, Shepard Fairey (creator of the now iconic "Hope" poster) and DJ Z-Trip entertained the guests:

Fairey actually created a visual work live, while Z-Trip provided the tunes for the evening:

This guy was the star of the party in my eyes:

Former CA Govenor Gray Davis (former because we was "Governated" by Arnold):

FoundTrack Friend KCRW's Jason Bentley closed the night out- A night that I personally think had the best energy I've experienced in a long time: