Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Summer Heights High" - Tonight on HBO

I've only blogged once about a tv show and once again I need to spread the word about this amazing Australian comedy that was shown in the UK earlier this year and is finally making it's debut in the U.S. on HBO tonight at 10.30pm. Summer Heights High is the brainchild of comedian Chris Lilley, and similarly in the vein of "The Office", it is filmed mockumentary style, but this time at a public high school in Australia. Lilley plays all 3 main characters himself, including delusional drama teacher Mr. G, privileged and narcissistic teenager Ja'mie and deliquent youth Jonah. What I love about this show is how completely politically incorrect it is, which allows the characters the freedom of going where most tv shows do not have the luxury of going. Check out a clip below:

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