Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MTV EMA Highlights

The MTV Europe Music Awards were live from Liverpool last Thursday and lucky for you I was there to get the lowdown on the event. It was rather low on controversy (unless you count the drunk guy behind me booing Bono really loudly throughout his overly long intro to Paul McCartney's legend award) and low on European acts. Personally, I loved Katy Perry's kitsch intros, sitting on a banana here, a cherry there, even if many suggested she was milking her fifteen minutes.

Out of all the acts, my personal highlights were Kanye (and Estelle) with the crazy mix of colourful visuals and bright white light.

The Killers in the ultra cool "wall stage"

and of course my favourites The Ting Tings.

Other Awards of the night (presented by ME):
"Who let her out of the insane asylum Presenter" Award - Grace Jones
"Most awkard moment" Award - Jared Leto asking Katie from the Ting Tings if she was a witch
"Speech that went off on a tangent" Award - Bono talking about the Beatles and the Irish potato famine.
"Biggest posse on stage" Award - Kid Rock and his 1000* band members (along with the dancing girls) *margin of error +/- 99%
"Most ridiculous real winner" Award - Rick Astley for Best Act Ever (I have it on good authority that the votes on the MTV website were a result of rick-rolling)
"Most popular person to depict on clothing or on screen" Award - President Elect Barack Obama
"Did Someone Die? Performance" Award - Beyonce "If I were a Boy"

Catch all the peformances here (if you're into flashy camerawork and don't appreciate my guerilla film-making techniques using one hand...the other one was for drinks of course)

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  1. great coverage jini. You win the gold star award girly.