Wednesday, November 19, 2008

"Hot Girl Body Spray"- Axe Commercial parody by Sans Pants Productions

FoundTrack Friends Sans Pants Productions produce wacky, wild, and hilarious short form comedy videos and post them on the interwebs for the general public's viewing enjoyment. The mature (see group portrait below) gentlemen of this comedy troop are based out of NY and have created several non-controversial (right...) videos such as "The Maury Povich Home Paternity Test," "Hitler Campaign," and one of my personal favorites "Let Me Get That for Ya" (about bathroom attendants- a topic coincidently close to our hearts).

(Our Mature and Pantsless Captains on this Voyage of Comedy)

Their latest offering, entitled "Hot Girl Body Spray" is my favorite of their most recent releases... it's a brilliant parody of those oh-so-edgy Axe Body Spray commercials. Kick back, crack open a cold one, take off your pants if you feel like it, and enjoy:

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