Sunday, November 23, 2008

FoundTrack's Fall '08 Collection (Track 9/20) - Jail Weddings - The Spell Has Lifted

Jail Weddings - The Spell Has Lifted (Track 9/20)
Album - "The Spell Has Lifted" / "People Like Us (Are Extinct)"
Label - Albino Crow
Photo by Lauren Everett

Swampy, doo-wop artists Jail Weddings is a ten-piece ensemble hailing from Los Angeles. In addition to ex-Starvations and Fortune's Flesh frontman Gabriel Hart, the lengthy roster features two female vocalists, Tornado Jane and Katya Nadia Hubiak, as well as members on violin, piano, saxophone. Their swirling melodies result from a lavish approach to equal parts 60's pop, soul, and garage rock with an unmistakable penchant for the dramatic. Hart's lyrics reflect a sense of gravity, recklessness, and portent all at once, translating into a live show that has earned substantial praise from critics and concertgoers alike for its air of heroism as much as its vulnerability. Jail Weddings is currently recording an EP, not to mention their full-length debut, Love is Lawless. But, in case you can't wait any longer to hear more of them, they'll be performing at the echo on Dec. 17 in support of the record release of their highly anticipated "The Spell Has Lifted" single.

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