Friday, November 28, 2008

FoundTrack's Fall '08 Collection (Track 10/20) - Donkeys - Walk Through A Cloud

The Donkeys - Walk Through A Cloud (Track 10/20)
Album - Living On the Other Side (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Dead Oceans

A few years ago on my religious weekly trek to Amoeba, I noticed a featured title from an unfamiliar band. Of course, there are many of these but this one had a nice picture of a candle-lit piano in a dark cabin and something about it seemed to attract attention to the music within. Thus, I did my homework to find an impressive debut from four San Diegans, playing country-tinged Americana that seemed to fit perfectly to the lifestyle of the sea world they lived. I shouldn't have been surprised to find out that at one time or another, various members of The Donkeys have been the backing band for such veritable acts as Cass McCombs, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, and Papercuts. They def'ly didn't disappoint on their sensational sophomore effort, Living on the Other Side, with such standouts as our featured "Walk Through A Cloud" and "Dolphin Center", the latter of which gave me goosebumps after Jessie Gulati's nearly two minute guitar solo led to the en-chorus. Listen below and test the hairs on your arms.

The Donkeys have just wrapped up their national tour but you can get a great feel for their quality live performances from their dual Daytrotter sessions.

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