Monday, November 17, 2008

FoundTrack's Fall '08 Collection (Track 7/20) - Obi Best - Nothing Can Come Between Us

Obi Best - Nothing Can Come Between Us (Track 7/20)
Album - Capades (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Social Science
Photo by Sarah Creighton

Obi Best are an LA based pop group formed from the pieces of Colorforms. They are led by the sweeping vocals of Alex Lillly, the moonlighting backup singer for the Bird and the Bee, as well as Bram Inscore (Beck) on bass and keys. On their debut full-length, Capades, Obi Best's music contains a 60's retro fabric with analog synths and sophisticated keyboard driven pop in the vein of Stereolab. Recently, Alex and the band were featured on Nic Harcourt's Tuned-In series, a weekly wrap up of the tracks that's catching nic's ears on the KCRW airwaves. Capades is now available digitally but will be in stores early next year. Below is a video for the humorous "It's Because of People Like You", a response to an angry note left on a car door.

Here's a link to the video for our featured "Nothing Can Come Between Us". Obi Best are just about to wrap up a mini-tour in NY but they will be back in LA next week for a show with Princeton at the echo on the 26th. You best be there or else beware of the angry note on your car door ; )

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