Wednesday, November 12, 2008

FoundTrack's Fall '08 Collection (Track 4/20) - Heartbreak - We're Back

Heartbreak - We're Back
(Track 4/20)
Album - Lies (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Lex

Heartbreak is an electro duo from London comprised of Arengtinian singer Sebastian Muravchik and British/French keyboardist Ali Renault. The duo are heavily influenced by Italo disco and are on a mission to awaken the ignored voices of this forgotten past. Their recently released debut full-length Lies is one of the top synth pop albums of the year and they have been busy supporting it on tour with the Presets and Cut Copy. On the new album, you'll find our featured anthem "We're back" in addition to intense songs about Mr. T on LSD and Molly Ringwald painting a rainbow. Their music has been coined "Metallo", fusing the dark energy of metal bands like "Black Sabbath" with the melodic drama of early 80's electro and italo disco. But i think Vice magazine described the duo's music best as "how the 80's would sound today if the 90's hadn't got in the way."

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