Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Nevereverland UK Recap feat. The Presets, Ladyhawke and Shy Child

As I mentioned in my last Ladyhawke post, Pip was playing at The Coronet Theatre for Modular Records' Nevereverland gig...and she was awesome! I managed to get there just in time for her set, giving up the luxury of putting away my stuff because of the crazy long outdoor cloakroom line, and having my friend get my drink for me from the overly crowded bar.

Although her performance was pretty understated and she seemed completely overwhelmed by how much the crowd was loving her, she would let out a meek thank you now and again. The screens behind her were displaying the artwork that is associated with her album and videos, and it definitely helped set the mood. She played most of the tracks from her new album and here are a couple that I managed to capture on video:

Manipulating Woman

Paris is Burning

The New York natives Shy Child came on about an hour later, and I think the following anecdote represented the general attitude towards them. Aussie guy (not unusual because the crowd was 99% Australian) next to us asks my friend, "Are you from London?" "Yes" "Who the f*** are these guys?" To which we both shrug our shoulders. I didn't manage to take any footage of the two guys for fear of having a drink thrown over me, but just because the lead singer was grinning throughout his whole performance, here is a performance they did at the Fashion Rocks event in London this time last year...

The main event was of course, The Presets who came on at about 2am and they did not disappoint. They were hands down the best act of the night in terms of getting the crowd excited and moshing like crazy. Two fights even broke out, with a Stephen Dorff lookalike having his t-shirt ripped and pulled over his head...not quite sure what that was about! Anyway, the dancing was manic with flashing lights all over the place...check out the footage below of This Boy's in Love (*note: it is quite difficult trying to hold up a camera when 100s of crazy Australians are jumping up and into you).

If you get a chance to catch these guys in concert, then I highly recommend it. You can find out more about Meijin's review of Cut Copy and The Presets here.

Also, don't forget Ladyhawke's album has finally been released in the US today, so if you have respect for good music (which you obviously do if you're on FoundTrack), I highly recommend it. And for those, who bought the album in the UK, you'll be excited to know there is a bonus track "Danny and Jenny" on the US version (as well as a French version of Paris is Burning on the EP).

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