Monday, November 17, 2008

One Stop Shop: Banksy's Village Pet Store in NY

Lined up like school children, a throng of confused and amused New Yorkers waited patiently to take a walk through the latest hot-spot eatery/pet store? Designed by the infamous guerilla graffiti artist Banksy, The Village Pet Store and Charcoal Grill was the newest attraction to be seen on 7th Avenue:

In rare form, Banksy's shrewd animal-rights commentary was both disturbing and hilarious. A few items found on the menu included:

Animatronic fish sticks:

Chicken nugget chicks:

As well as a variety of sausages and links:

Yummy! If you tend to play with your food, this exhibition was a one-stop shop. The life-like animatronics were uncanny, making the leopard coat perched in a tree a particularly sarcastic touch:

What appears to be your token pet store bunny turns out to be another NYC diva:

The monkey watching TV was only more disconcerting when I realized it was watching a Discovery Channel special on MONKEYS!

All in all the shop was a sight to be seen, though in terms of dining you might be better off with a nice slice of NY pizza. Unfortunalidad, the Pet Store closed shop in October. I suppose the economy got the better of it (or perhaps an angry Hotdog Vendor's Union), but whatever the reason, I'm sure Banksy is cooking up something that will tantalize our minds and palettes in the near future.

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