Saturday, November 15, 2008

The White Shirt "Bar" by Thomas Pink

It's hard to argue that every guy's wardrobe should have at least a couple white shirts. You can wear em with a suit, under a sweater or go casual with a pair of jeans. Unfortunately there are like a hundred different combinations of fit, collars, and cuffs one can choose from. Thomas Pink is hoping to capitalize on this confusion by introducing "The White Shirt Bar" at their NYC flagship store- a place where guys can checkout several different styles (20 to be exact) and be assisted by an expert. I'm looking forward to checking this out when I head out to NY for new year's in a few weeks. Unfortunately for me this is ONE bar in Manhattan that DOESN'T serve cocktails...

Thomas Pink Manhattan
520 Madison Ave., NYC
(212) 838-1928

Source- (GQ/Details online)

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