Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Adele - Hometown Glory

Hometown Glory - Adele (pronounced uh-dell like the computer manufacturer)
Album: Nineteen
Label: XL
Release Date: 1/28/08 - UK release date (IMPORT)
Founder: Ranjini Kini

19 year old singer-songwriter Adele Adkins recently earned top honors on the BBC's annual "Sounds of 2008" poll conducted by nearly 150 of the UK's most influential music heads to forecast their favorite new acts you're certain to hear in the new year.

Her debut single "Hometown Glory" is a tribute to her hometown in London after her mother tried to convince her to move to Liverpool for University. I think she ended up making a wise decision as she matriculated* in the BRIT school of performing arts (London) whose alums include Kate Nash, Amy Winehouse, and Imogen Heap. This is where she honed her soft and sultry songwriting skills.

*first time using vocab word since SAT's ...yeah baby!

On the label's request we have been asked to remove Adele's "Hometown Glory" from the January '08 Mixtape. However, if you subscribe to her mailing list you will receive a free MP3 live version of "Hometown Glory".


Adele Myspace
Adele TV - check out this link for different channels of Adele feat. live versions of "hometown glory" and "daydreamer" as well as the video for "chasing pavements".
Adele BBC interview

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