Wednesday, January 30, 2008

OLPC - One Laptop Per Child

I've been following the development of the little computer above (which bears a striking resemblance to Shrek) for some time now and thought I'd share. The OLPC or One Laptop Per Child was developed as an inexpensive laptop intended to be accessible by children in developing countries. The computer, which currently has a ridiculously low price point of around $188 is targeted at reaching a targeted goal of $100. In a time when we're obsessed with flashy, expensive and questionably useful gadgets, it's nice to read about one that was developed with a good cause in mind.

What sparked me to write this was a casual AIM conversation I was having with my friend and coworker Adrianna (solo artist and also member of the band Liftoff). She donated the background music for the following video exposé profiling the machine and some of the people in the OLPC Social Welfare organization that helped develop it:

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