Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jillian Kogan's "State of Mind" Gallery

I found out about this gallery while looking into the upcoming Edward Walton Wilcox opening. Jillian Kogan, the artist who created the above, creates unique pieces of "flag art" that set out to "demystify the iconography of state flags." Using various themes that touch on the daily lives of Californians, Kogan incorporates everything from caffeine obsession to the porn industry (like the Californication piece above) into her works.

Thanks to our new FoundTrack Friend, the lovely Vanessa from the Ambrogi | Castanier Gallery, who invited us to checkout the opening this past weekend. For those of you in LA, the show runs through February 24th, 2008. Take a peek at a few of the pieces on display- they're all pretty reasonable, so make sure to get in touch with Vanessa if you're interested in any of them:

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