Thursday, January 17, 2008

Canadian Artist Sarah Joncas

A few months ago, on a random visit to DeviantArt, I dug the work of artist Sarah Joncas, but in an A.D.D. moment, forgot to it. By chance, I was just reading about a cool gallery that is currently running through Feb 1st at Thinkspace LA, entiled "Sour Hearts and Sweet Tarts":

Low and behold, it features the work of both Joncas and another talented illustrator/painter/designer, Camilla D'errico. Just as most good art tends to be, Joncas mentions in her artist's statement, that while one can spend a lot of time reading into the work, most are spontaneous and intuitive.

Now I'm going to be spontaneous and intuitive and say that I like the following piece because it reminds me of Sarah Connor. (On another A.D.D. note- the new "Sarah Connor Chronicles" TV show isn't half bad... repeat not half bad, i never said it was half good).

You be the judge:

Source: Vinyl Pulse

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