Tuesday, January 22, 2008

FoundTrack's January '08 MixTape - Liner Notes (Tracks 1-5)

Track 1 - Europe - The Final Countdown (Them Jeans/Anti MC Remix)

Album - Promo
Label - Promo
Release Date - Dec. '06
Founder - JJ (stilllistentogangstamusic.blogspot.com)

Comment - This track features a remix from AntiMC of Palmsoutsounds and Jason Stewart (AKA Them Jeans) of the Swedish glam metal band Europe's "The Final Countdown". The lyrics were inspired by David Bowie's song "Space Oddity". "The Final Countdown" was written to be an opening song for concerts but the band never in their wildest metal dreams thought it would be used as the synth riff to rally the Detroit Pistons crowd as they announce the starting lineups and now as the Foundtrack introduction to our January mixtape.

Speaking of introductions, hopefully one day the FoundTrack can commission the services of Detroit's John Mason.
Michael Buffer, eat your heart out.

What a difference a decade makes.

Track 2 - Dj Shadow - Six Days (Soulwax Remix)
Album - Most of the Remixes....(See picture below for full title) (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Parlophone
Release Date - 10/22/07
Founder - Dan Wilcox - KCRW DJ

Comment -To celebrate the release of the Radio Soulwax documentary called Part Of The Weekend Never Dies, Parlophone has helped compile (almost) all of the remixes the DJ duo has done over the past 10 years. The album's full title contains 545 characters of text, hence the "...". Full title may be read in the album artwork below or next time you're waiting over 30 min. on hold for a Time Warner customer service issue. FYI- this title is about 100 characters more than the Fiona Apple album When the Pawn, which was the previous record-holder before Most of the Remixes... The double-disc album features remixes of classics by the likes of Daft Punk, Justice, LCD Soundsystem, and of course this tasty mash-up of the B-52's "52 girls" and DJ Shadow's "Six Days".

Check out the mathwork for the soulwax mashup below.



Track 3 - Breakwater - Release The Beast
Album - Discovered: A Selection of Daft Punk Samples (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Rapster
Release Date - 11/20/07
Founder - Jack Catlin - DJ KnewJack

Comment - Discovered gives listeners the full versions of songs sampled for many of Daft Punk's biggest hits. It also acts as a stand alone compilation of disco jazz and funk from the collections of two of the most influential producers in dance music. The compilation Includes the sources for "Around the World," "Robot Rock," "Harder Better Faster Stronger," and many more, including this beast from Breakwater. This tune reminds me of Edwin Starr's "War" as they both share the "hugh" sound effect of getting head-butted in the stomach by Tattoo from Fantasy Island.

Just see what IMEEM below

Track 4 - Katy Perry - Ur So Gay

Album - Ur So Gay EP (Sample/Purchase)
Label - Capitol
Release Date - 11/20/07
Founder - Mixtape Maestro

Comment - Weather you love it or hate it, Katy Perry's un-PC "Ur So Gay" will leave an inevitable impression on you. Katy's the latest to follow the footsteps of the young female indie-pop fame and is slated to bring her debut full-length through capitol this spring. In the meantime, chew on this EP which features a cover of Outfield's 80's hit "Use Your Love". After hearing her bitter laundry list of complaints in "Ur So Gay", make sure to use your love wisely.

Track 5 - Castledoor - The Birds and the Fleas
Album - Follow the Dove EP (Sample/Purhase)
Label - None
Release Date - 7/25/06
Founder - Amoeba Music

Comment - This LA sextet is Kevin Bronson's (LA Times Buzz Bands columnist) favorite new band, earning its DIY-cred by playing dozens of shows in Eastside clubs, winning hearts with its exuberant boy-girl harmonies and layered guitars and keyboards. The band also just finished recording an EP, "Shoutin' at Mountains," with Earlimart frontman and Aaron Espinoza. - LAtimesblog

Check out their live show Jan. 31st @ Spaceland with Airborne Toxic Event and Deadly Syndrome.

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