Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Kids on the Block Reunion... way cooler than the Spice Girls "Reunion"

After weeks of speculation, looks like we're really getting a New Kids on the Block reunion (by choice?). We here at FoundTrack were actually give the official word a few weeks ago, but were sworn to secrecy by virtue of a promised death by Hollywood talent agent. NKOTB (as they're known to their hardcore fans), have been denying it for weeks, but checkout their newly designed official site- all you eighties Gals out there can obsessively refresh the page for more details to come.

Alright, so they might have been pretty boys back in the awesomley tubular eighties, but come on ladies, can they really keep up with this?- I present to you straight from our '07 Holiday Party, OUR version of NKOTB 2008:

Source- New York Magazine


  1. You guys are definitely hangin tough in that picture =P