Wednesday, January 16, 2008

MacBook Air- I love it... I love it not...

I think every blog is required to be writing about this thing so here goes:

What I like: Pure Design Hotness. Light weight Slim design. Bright Led Display.

What I don't Like: I really wanted to love this thing, but once the initial hooplah fades, you're left with a system that cuts out a lot (especially for the pricepoint). 1 usb connection? No audio input? And here's what I really don't understand- an 80 gig hard drive? The thing is supposed to be using the same 1.8" harddrives that are in the iPods... if this is the case, why couldn't they offer the option of a 160 gig drive like the one in the iPod classic?

All that said, I'm still tempted...

Checkout Engadget for the most thorough coverage on this and all your gadget needs.


  1. Let's buy it just so we can carry it around and look KOOL :0)

  2. we look kool with or without chic notebooks ;)~