Wednesday, January 30, 2008

NewFound Love- New Balance European Collective 1500s in Purple / Croc

So I couldn't resist the temptation of the Fred Segal sale (more specifically, the Conveyor boutique's sale) and ended up buying the above, from the "European Collective" 1500 series. They're the third pair of New Balances I currently have, but definitely the first I've gotten for any purpose other than running. Loving all the random textures, and of course the purple suede definitely didn't hurt.

Anyway, in my newFound adoration of these New Balances, I've discovered that there's actually an entire cult of people out there dedicated to all thing relating to the NB. Saw the following at the New Balance Blog (not an official associated site) and thought they were vintagely sick:

The above are the 320 series and were rated 1976's shoe of the year by Runner's World magazine. In my world, they're rated "fly-ass shoe of the week." To bring this entry back to 2008, the following (also from the 1500 series) are currently getting a ton of hype, and are available exclusively through Aussie sneaker shop Provider:

Speaking of running shoes, next time you're out on a long run, we suggest listening to FoundTrack's January '07 Mixtape - The play list was designed to gradually peak at the 1 hour mark, so just as you're out of energy it'll provide you with a nice little rocket boost.

Source- Nice Kicks (Blog)

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