Thursday, January 24, 2008

"Rambo" opens. Rocky could care less- still claims best montage ever.

Look people, I'm trying here, but I can't even work up an ironic "it's gonna be so bad it's gonna be awesome" interest in seeing the new Rambo. As of the publishing time of this entry, Rotten Tomatoes' top critics give it a nostalgia-genre crushing 0%. Even the promise of the highest body count in a Rambo movie EVER, can't persuade the 80s kid in me to awaken:

Or, maybe it's just that I've always leaned toward Rocky. Now, I know you Rambo fans out there might argue that John Rambo is a supreme badass that's fought terrorism and communism, but he never really BEAT either of them. No my fair friends, for that you need Philly's boxer with the mostest... Rocky Balboa. Mister Balboa singlehandedly defeated communism in "Rocky 4" and in preparing to do so, provided us with the single greatest montage in an 80s film EVER (** Update- Entertainment Weekly seems to agree with us):

For some Rocky music awesomeness, checkout Maynard Ferguson's cover of "Gonna Fly Now" on FoundTrack's January 2007 MixTape

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