Thursday, January 31, 2008

KCRW Music Match - Preserving a Piece of Music History

I'm sure you all have realized by now that the FoundTrack's #1 resource for music comes from KCRW public radio. This Santa Monica based station single-handedly changed my life path when i was exposed to its eclectic music and sophisticated news programming in college. I have since felt compelled to give back by any means necessary and will forever endeavor to retain the spirit in which it was established. At the moment I'm privileged to be a part of the Music Match: A Campaign to preserve their priceless collection of more than 60,000 recordings housed in their divine music library.

A documentary team called the Naturalist Project has kindly offered their time and services to produce a behind-the-scenes video about the historical importance and cultural relevance of the music library featuring the hands of yours truly (2min 13sec mark).

KCRW is in the midst of their Winter subscription drive. If you have been influenced by their many efforts to change the way we think and live, i strongly encourage you to make a donation. There are plenty of premium incentives to accompany your pledge from cleverly curated cd-packs to coachella ticket giveaways and romantic getaways for your looming and loving valentine's days to come. Each pledge enables eligibility for the winter sweepstakes which offers the chance of a Macbook Air, iPod touch, Smart Car, or a trip to Australia. You can also choose to make an additional donation towards The Music Match campaign in saving the music library.

Pledge drive ends on Monday February 4th.
For more info. tune in or go to


  1. Nass, that is so absolutely awesome and inspiring. I wish you'd mentioned it to me before, cause I would love to find a way to be a part of that too.
    I subscribed to KCRW a few years back, and I got a nice dinner for two at that fancy french restaurant Taix on sunset. And by the end of the year I definitely made my money back on savings gained from having the card.
    Cheers to you, sir.

  2. Hey Nassar! You were the unsung hero of the KCRW documentary. However, we believe you have a serious future as a hand model. Thanks for all of your help.