Thursday, January 31, 2008

Colette Paris - Hot Store, Hot Brand, Hot Website, Hot Music Compilation

Colette Paris isn't exactly a fashion brand, isn't exactly a design brand, isn't exactly a music brand, and isn't exactly a store. What it is, is probably the best example of a 'lifestyle' brand out there. For those of us that are striving to build cultural brands like this ourselves, they've really set the benchmark. Some of you might already be aware of them, but for those of you that aren't, Colette is a boutique in Paris that displays and sells the hippest of the hip. The coolest gadgets, cutting edge fashion and more are available in this stylish space. Think of it as Fred Segal squared.

The boutique also has a cafe, bar, and on the upstairs, an exhibition space for art and events (being one of the first to feature the likes of Banksy). One of the major elements of Colette that we here at FoundTrack have really enjoyed are their music compilations- always filled with the newest and freshest in electronic and loungy tunes. (Thanks to FoundSister Maryam for turning us onto this):

In addition to the physical storefront, what's really caught my eye is their amazing and immersive website. It features a highly complex and animated design, but manages to load really quickly and run super efficiently- the site was designed by and features animations by Add A Dog). While you're perusing the site, the streaming player will keep you in the mood with the most recent in Colette-worthy tunes:

For a peak inside the Paris boutique, checkout this video vignette from

Source- Fashion Nation (A Singapore Fashion blog)
Source- a Kugel (A blog about marketing in the digital age, humor, pop culture, and the just plain random


  1. I love this site and the compilations. Do you know where to find older ones? I had Colette #8... until an iTunes update ate it. The disc is in Amsterdam w/ a friend, and I am not. :(

  2. More colette pics here