Thursday, July 24, 2008

American Apparel Factory Flea Market Sale

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Looks like this is gonna be a big weekend on the fashion sales front. Those peeps over at American Apparel (purveyors of the oh so scandalous ads) are having a big sample sale at their factory in downtown LA this weekend. Entry is $5-> "WHAT?!" you ask? "I HAVE TO PAY TO SHOP?!"... chill out there chico/chica- you get all sorts of fun stuff for the entry fee:

* Live Performance by Sebastien Tellier (more on him at FoundTrack's January '08 Compilation Liner Notes)
* Dunk Tank
* Slip n Slides
* Moon Bounce
* Cocktails
* Movie Screenings
* and a whole lot more...

Come get crazy - we're gonna try and be there if we can knock out most of the work for our upcoming August '08 FoundTrack compilation.

Where: American Apparel Factory - 7th and Alameda (entrance on Bay St) Downtown LA
When: 2pm - Midnight, Sunday July 27th

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