Saturday, July 5, 2008

FoundTrack's July '08 Compilation (Track 3/14) - Herbaliser - You're Not All That feat. Jessica Darling (Radio Edit)

Herbaliser - You're Not All That feat. Jessica Darling - (Track 3/14)
Album - Same As It Never Was (Sample/Purchase)
Label - !K7
Photo Taken by Eva Vermandel

The Jazz-Hip Hop production core duo known as Herbaliser has committed to extend their family to five permanent members on the aptly-named new album, Same As It Never Was. If this was your introduction to Herbaliser, they'd like you know that their music sounds similar to an introduction between James Brown and James Bond. So although the soul of the godfather of soul can be heard on our featured "You're Not All That", be sure to check out the full album for several other tracks featuring their new 22-yr old vocalist Jessica Darling and some bond-ish instrumentals along with the ridiculous rhymesayers you've come to expect. After over a decade of great work with Ninja Tune, Herbaliser also found a new home with the K7 label and below they've given us all a special welcome to the house that built Same As It Never Was.

Ollie Teeba from Herbaliser just announced the dates for a DJ tour in the US. Give him a warm welcome when he comes through your town.
7/28/08 - New York, NY - Hudson Hotel
7/31/08 - Washington, DC - Eighteenth St. Lounge
8/01/08 - San Francisco, CA - Mighty
8/02/08 - Denver, CO - Quixote's True Blue
8/03/08 - Seattle, WA - Nectar's Lounge
8/04/08 - Portland, OR - Backspace
8/06/08 - Chicago, IL - Darkroom
8/07/08 - Baltimore, MD - Bedrock
8/09/08 - Atlanta, GA - Halo Lounge

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