Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"Rain of Madness" Trailer - The Making of "Tropic Thunder" Mockumentary

I caught an early screening of "Tropic Thunder" at work recently, and it was pretty damn funny. In fact, it's the funniest movie I've seen in a long time- it lives up to the awesome trailer, and looks like Robert Downey Jr is once again the reason to see a big summer movie this year. Dreamworks/Paramount has done a great job with the viral marketing of the film thus far. In the most recent phase of the campaign, the studio has released a trailer for behind the scenes mockumentary about the "making of Tropic Thunder," entitled "Rain of Madness."

For those of you who aren't big war movie fans, "Rain of Madness" is a parody of "Hearts of Darkness" (the awesome documentary that chronicled the insane chaos on the set of "Apocalypse Now"). Now kick back and watch hilarity ensue:

** Official "Rain of Madness" Site

** Official "Tropic Thunder" Site

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