Friday, July 11, 2008

FoundTrack's July '08 Compilation (Track 7/14) - 2am Club - Flashing Room

2am Club - Flashing Room (Track 7/14)
Album - Coming Soon

2AMClub has been writing music and playing shows together since their inception in early 2007 in LA. The music is a cross between pop, hip-hop, soul, and rock with influences ranging from Stevie Wonder to the Chili Peppers and Kanye. You may remember them from our September '07 mix when they were previously known as The Transfer. This year they've been working on new material in northern California with producer Jerry Harrison from the Talking Heads (No Doubt, Foo Fighters, Violent Femmes). However, they remain true to their roots returning home once a month to their fan faithful , delivering the byproduct of their endless hours working in the studio with their monthly Tiny Porno* events. We had the pleasure of helping present Tiny Porno 3 and it was absolute mayhem. This week they are in Utah but will be returning home to play around LA the rest of the summer so I highly recommend their live show if you haven't seen them before. Here's a little video sampling for ya.

*Tiny Porno - name taken from a vintage mexican wrestling duo.

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